Benefits of Fleet Tracking Cameras

There are many types of cameras available in the market today. One such camera with GPS technology is gaining popularity day by day because of its advance features and benefits. Some of the smarter camera systems can also be used as accident logging system with tracking and live monitoring elements. When partnered with an inertia sensor, the systems will automatically transmit live video and record it at the server when a vehicle exceeds its G-Force Limit – usually caused by harsh breaking or an accident.

This means the fleet manager can view on Zenducam every video from the vehicles should there be an accident. They are able to remotely play back all of the events and collect video evidence for presentation to insurance companies and authorities. Many Fleet Insurance Companies have realised the benefits of such systems and offer over 25% discount on fleet premiums should the Mobile DVR’s be used.

The fleet manager can even open live conversation with driver via the system and the on board speakers already in the vehicles meaning that if needed, instant live communication is available at the touch of a button – no more trying to find the driver’s telephone number in a database somewhere to get in touch with them!

Fleet Management Issues Keeping Rolling On

We all known that prices of diesel fuel are killing fleet management budget. Diesel fuel prices are hitting your fleet fueling costs since it also is the reason for increase in other costs related with petroleum products.  Increased costs in raw materials and energy costs that is leading the way to your fleet management programs costing you more to get the tires rolling down the highway.

What else can a fleet manager expect with increasing diesel fuel prices! Diesel fuel prices will always remain at the levels they are or they will likely to go higher during the year.  Things that you could do to lessen that blow would be a fuel management system through an outsourced fuel management company. A closer review of fuel cards, mobile fueling, fleet cards, fuel inventory management, fleet credit card services to name a few. If you are looking for fleet tracking services, click here.

Additives will also increase because most raw materials that go into diesel fuel additives are from petroleum products plus the increased costs in delivery. To help reduce some of your increases in diesel fuel additive now, would be order now before costs dramatically increase, order a larger supply so you can keep your freight rates lower in bulk. Find out about prepay discounts.