The Advantages of Self-Publishing

A few decades ago, self-publishing was considered a big “No.” The cost to self-publish was high and vanity presses often took advantage of authors.

However, several well-known authors from Walt Whitman and Mark Twain to James Redfield have self-published books that have become classics and bestsellers, and with the advances in technology, self-publishing is highly affordable.

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As long as the author makes producing a quality book a top priority, self-publishing can be not only a feasible choice, but it may even be the better choice over traditional publishing. Following are some advantages for why you might consider self-publishing.

Control of Production: Self-publishing your book gives you complete control of the production.

Rather than sell your rights to a publisher who will then edit your book the way it sees fit and decide itself when to publish your book often two years down the road and decide whether to continue to sell your book or take it off the shelves, the self-publisher has complete control over the timing and production.

Your publisher may want your book to be a coffee table, expensive hard back book while you want an inexpensive paperback so you can sell more copies.

And if you self-publish, then you can produce it the way you want. You also can guarantee that your book never goes out of print by reprinting it as often as you like or the market demands.

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