Benefits Of Being An Entrepreneur

  1. Being in control:

The best thing about an entrepreneur is that he is in overall control of his life. He does not have to report to any individual. He can visit any time he feels this individual needs one. He reaches decide what can happen in the venture. Ideal of all, nobody can fire him. It totally rocks to be your own boss and make your own destiny.

  1. Job becomes Fun:

Now, most people who work in nine to five careers always get exhausted at the end of the day and they hate a period of time of the next day. Especially, following the weekends. Several call them “Monday Morning hours Blues”. Now, a businessperson works 24/7 and so places all of his energy into his work. Simply by working this hard, this individual enjoys whatever he will and because of this, whatever venture he sets his effort into, will eventually turn into a great success. Work is what one is obliged to do while fun involves what one is not obliged to do. (From Tom Sawyer-Mark Twain.) Right now the picture is WORK=FUN.

  1. Totally free from Boredom:

Arthur Schopenhauer, the great German thinker and philosopher says that you have two sorts of unhappiness. One is the agony of the working course another is the uneasiness of the born-rich, the fashionable society.

Misery of the working class: Since these people are active making wealth for others, the only thing they crave for everyday is REST. They wish to enjoy life to their limits nevertheless they can’t. They will are constrained by their work.

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