Customer feedback on Instagram

Social Network Analysis is one of the best ways to get more traffic on your website or social media data so that you can achieve your identified business goals easily in a better way.

Social Media Analysis is basically a study of customer’s feedback which raises another issue that is “Sentiment Analysis”. Sentiment Analysis is an inexact science because customer opinion or responses on particular posts on marketing mining is a useful indicator to give a direction to your business objectives.

Social media data is always in context is the best analytics because most of the information comes from:

– Customer’s journey.

– Customers opinion or response on brands.

– Customers behaviour related on any posts.

By using Social Media Analytics tool you can

– Learn what photos and video your audience engages with most on social sites and how you can improve your content to better reach your customers/followers.

– Track any public social account or hashtag and set benchmarks for comparisons.

– Track your brands and identifies influencers behind the conversations.

– Track social network users mentioning keywords related to your products. Once identified, these tool rates identified people based on resonance, relevance, reach and recency.

There are so many tools are available in market which monitors your online reputation, track your follower’s sentiment and find your competitors in social media.


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