Save Environment: Use Eco Friendly Products

Intelligent citizens should be concerned and conscious about the environment and protection of the environment. There are a few friendly and simple measures which can be taken care to save the environment. Electronics item are used by people in day to day life which consumes a lot of power usage for example – Hair dyer uses a lot of energy. To save energy we can avoid the use of the unwanted electronics items, we can avoid buying bottled water and instead opt for reusable bottles. It takes 1.5 gallons of water to make 1 plastic bottle which will hold 12 – 16 ounces of water. We should be conscious about buying new stuff, and instead use the existing old one if we have any. By doing so, we can save energy and the transportation cost of the item. Unplug the electronics item when not in use. Even when we don’t actively use it, a small amount of electricity is being consumed by that item.

Amazing Eco friendly technology products are invented to change the world like led light bulbs. In the past, many countries have been on a big kick to get rid of incandescent bulbs in favour of much more favourable alternatives. Currently led bulbs are the next big thing lasting up to 20 years and costs 4 times less to operate. It keeps 20 million cubic metric tons of carbon emissions  out of our environment. Charging smart phones with the solar energy . Helios smart is a solar panel that easily fits into a pocket and charges a device in 90 minutes. All of us buying lens and glasses can ensure that it is bought from Eco friendly outlets that is concerned about the environment. Such outlets make lens by manufacturing them in 100% recycled water , thus conserving millions of gallons of water annually. You can get more information on this from prada sunglasses miami

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